Halloween Glow Yoga Glow-o-ween At Blur Nightclub 10-23-2019

At Muddy Mantra we’re all about having fun, not taking yourself too seriously, and being able to meet your goals with your yoga practice. Enjoy life, and all the fun it has to offer. We really love Halloween here, in fact it’s probably our favorite holiday. Who doesn’t love to get dressed up in something crazy and watching everyone around you at their most creative? It’s probably one of the best times of the year to let your individuality shine, even if it’s as someone or something else. So, this October our glow yoga is Halloween themed.   Join 60 yogis in candy-comas while we rock a sweet sweat sesh all while getting an energetic yoga flow on. Costumes are encouraged, and the more black-light reactive the better. Need a yoga Mat? We have them available on Amazon Prime and you can get one shipped to you WAY in advance! Blur Nightclub is our host and if you haven’t been there it’s an amazing spot to do yoga. Melodie Lee rocks the class using a mic so you can hear her directions clearly over the amazing halloween themed playlist.  There is a huge wide-opened air-conditioned area in addition to amazing drink specials. Some come, get your halloween glow yoga on, at Glowoween, glow-o-ween will be the most fun Glow yoga event in Dunedin and you can grab your tickets here!!!


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