Sandbags and Savasana (45 min)

This practice uses some sandbags as props to deepen your stretches. The added weight really adds an extra dimension to your yoga practice.



All Levels Hip Opening Flow 45 min

A 45 minute flow focusing on loosening up those problematic hips! Your hips don’t lie, and they need this practice!


Deep relaxing hamstring stretch (15 min)

Get the most out of those hammies! This is a relaxing stretch, but don’t get it twisted, you will definitely feel this if you’ve got tight hamstrings. Take it slow and you’ll be rewarded with limber limbs!


Sandbag Restorative 30 min

A restorative practice using Sand Bags to apply a little weight to maximize your stretch. If you don’t have sandbags handy you can substitute anything to give yourself a little bit of extra pressure.


Mixed Level Vinyasa Flow 6

New Week! New Vinyasa Flow! Get your yoga on with this awesome new Mixed Level Vinyasa Flow!


One Hour Vinyasa Flow

Back From break! This is a 1 hour Vinyasa Flow sure to get you up and moving.


Chest Opening Sequence (15 min)

A Chest opening sequence. This 15 minute practice is great for opening up your chest and loosening up your upper body. Lots of poses which will help with your ability to expand your chest mobility.


Yin for the Win 2 (45 min)

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more ZEN! IT’S BACK! YIN for the WIN 2! This is a 45 min Yin practice this time. Get your yin yoga on!


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