Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-02-10 10:26:53

Day 10… Muddy Mantra Yoga Challenge… Wild Thing Pose (Camatkarasana)! Let’s get wild!!! Start in scorpion (right leg up), drop top leg to left side of mat, keep bottom leg […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-02-05 04:00:50

Friday’s lineup… join us in studio or via zoom! 9am – High Vibe Flow (Kim D) 12pm – TGIF Yoga Flow (Kim D) 6pm – Aerial Flow (April) #muddymantra […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-02-03 13:35:48

Day 3… Muddy Mantra Heart Opening Challenge… Upward Facing Dog Pose (Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana) Start on your abdomen, place hands underneath shoulders, extend arms, lift pelvis off mat (knees too […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-02-02 11:19:40

Day 2… Muddy Mantra Heart Opening Challenge… Locust Pose (Salabhasana) Start on your abdomen, extend arms behind you, palms face down, lift chest and legs, when lifting wrap shoulder blades […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-02-01 11:13:03

Day 1… Muddy Mantra Heart Opening Challenge… Half Lord Of Fishes Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana) Start seated, cross left foot over right extended thigh (right leg can also bend and bring […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-01-21 11:42:14

Day 21… Muddy Mantra Yoga Challenge… Yogi’s Choice (Headstand-Salamba Sirsasana) Last day of the challenge!!! I choice headstand because I like turning things upside down and looking at life from […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-01-20 10:35:42

Day 20… Muddy Mantra Yoga Challenge… Boat Pose (Navasana) Start seated, move your junk out of trunk, lift legs (can be bent or straight), keep an extended spine, hand placement […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-01-19 10:30:04

Day 19… Muddy Mantra Yoga Challenge… Yogi Squat (Mālāsana) Start standing with feet wider than hip distance apart, toes pointed outward, drop pelvis in between legs, all 4 corners of […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-01-18 10:23:01

Day 18… Muddy Mantra Yoga Challenge… Tree Pose (Vrikshasana) Start standing with all 4 corners of 1 foot grounded, take opposite foot and place heel above ankle, foot on side […]