Aerial Yoga Silks - Strength and Conditioning

Thinking about taking your core workout to the next level?

Enjoy something different than the standard class?

Get out of your comfort zone and try some aerial strength and conditioning exercises. Not only will you get the stretching benefits of a traditional yoga class, you will also learn strength and stability. Along with all the normal goodness of a great workout, Aerial classes are a great way to enhance and  expand your fitness routine.

In this Video, Melodie Lee of Muddy Mantra Demonstrates a hamstring stretch on the Aerial yoga silk.  

You’ll notice that when lifting oneself onto the aerial silk that all the muscles of the body are involved. Being a truly full body workout, the core, legs, upper body, arms, neck, head all work in synergy in order to stabilize oneself.  Once securely upon the silk, Melodie secures her feet and inverts. If you’ve never been suspended upside down, it’s sometimes takes a bit getting used to. However, Inversion therapy has been shown to have wonderful effects on the spine (Source: Mayo Clinic). It is also not recommended if you have high blood pressure.

Once inverted, Any number of core exercises could be attempted. Here Melodie is demonstrating ab crunches reaching towards her toes on alternate sides. However anything which targets your core could be a good substitute or addition to your normal fitness routine!

An important thing to remember while you’re practicing, is being mindful of the fact you will have to get out of the inverted position. Melodie uses her entire body to lift herself into a standing position, and eventually leaves the aerial silk. 


 If you’re new to aerial and have yet to test your limits, always practice with the supervision of a Certified Aerial Yoga instructor.   

Note, even though the yoga mat is not visible in this frame, we’re always safe and practice with a yoga mat! Don’t ever practice without using proper safety equipment, we don’t want you to bust your head!


You can sign up for classes here.

Muddy Mantra offers Aerial Yoga as well as Lyra hoop classes. If you’re looking for Lyra Hoop or Aerial yoga classes anywhere near Clearwater, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor and Largo.


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