Muddy Mantra Flowgasm XL Yoga Exercise Mat Purple

Size Matters.

But that’s not an issue with our new mat.

Introducing the Flowgasm-XL, an ultra-premium  Natural Rubber and Polyurethane mat, that measures in at a whopping 7 ft Long!

  • Size :   Focus on your practice, not stepping off your mat.  The Flowgasm-XL gives you 7 ft of room to stretch out and is over 2 feet wide  (26,8 in).
  • Anti-Skid Design:  Crafted from natural rubber and PU material Flowgasm-XL is crafted with an high-friction anti-skip surface that’s 5 mm thick to prevent face planting during your practice.
  • Moisture resistant:  You won’t have to worry about being a sweaty mess (no-slip-and-slide here!) More time to focus on your practice
  • Colors Available in Purple and Black


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