We are excited to be the hosts of the glow yoga at Blue in Dunedin, FL. While it wasn’t invented by Muddy Mantra we always like to make our events unique and fun.

Our glow event at Blur will feature a bad ass hip hop soundtrack coming from a club-quality audio system. LED glow lights, glow accessories, and anything that we can to make your yoga mat shine.

This flow is a beautiful and fun way to enjoy your practice. Much stimulation is provided to the eyes and ears. But don’t worry the teacher is mic’d so you’ll be able to hear all the instructions as they’re given.

While not the most traditional of ways to practice, you’re still doing yoga, getting exercise , and practicing the way you want and that’s what matters.

We will be opening at 5:30 pm, so feel free to get there early. Body painting services will be available for $5 a design. Several brightly glowing multi colored designs will be available.

Blur will also be featuring their fantastic happy hour drink specials, so if you’re thirsty before the event feel free to have a beverage, relax, and losen up.

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