Biking for Brews Dunedin / Palm Harbor 8/24/2019
Hosted By Muddy Mantra

On August 24th 2019 Muddy Mantra was host to over 250 Bike Riders on a trek down the trail to grab some brews from some of the finest places the Dunedin and Palm Harbor Area.

The day kicked off with Melodie Lee of Muddy Mantra leading a yoga warmup for all the early birds who got there before before the bike ride launched from Rosie’s Tavern of Dunedin.

While everyone signed up the taps were overflowing with the awesome selection of great craft beer being served by the amazing staff, a huge thanks go out to all the hard work they put in to get everyone served quickly!

After we departed Rosie’s the riders traveled down the trail towards Eddie’s Bar and Grill. Eddie’s staff rocked, they seriously killed it. Having a wave of riders like ours suddenly show up isn’t an easy task to keep up with. Eddie’s always takes care of our people, has an incredible layout, and incredible drink specials. Huge thanks to the Crew at Eddie’s for always making everything so smooth. 

As the day went on our rides took to traveling towards Palm Harbor, with the first stop being the Stilt House.

From my experience, nothing made me happier than rolling up to the Stilthouse after the ride from Dunedin to Palm Harbor. The heat, being a summer in Florida, was quite intense. Seeing the Stilthouse was like finding an Oasis in the Desert. Ok, I’m being slightly dramatic, but the point is cold craft beer was incredibly refreshing and welcoming.

Onward to Downtown Palm Harbor for the next two stops on the trail!

Coolside Gelato Bar served up all manner of craft cocktails infusing their amazing Gelatos with the unique flavor profiles of several craft beers to create one of a kind refreshments for adults! It’s like an adult Root Beer float. If you missed it, be sure to stop buy! They’re great people with an amazing product! Check them out!


Fins in Downtown Palm Harbor served up incredible drinks and food specials to our hungry and thirsty riders.  Thanks to everyone working at Fins for accommodating our large party. You’re great! It was perfect to hang out, relax, and get refreshed before leaving Palm Harbor and heading back towards Dunedin and our final stop!

Hackett’s Causeway Cafe ! Hackett’s Causeway Cafe was great! Positioned right on the trail riders get the benefit of being able to stop on their way to Palm Harbor and Back to Dunedin! Offering incredible discounts on their draft beer Hackett’s was a main hydration station for tons of our parched riders. Thanks to everyone at Hackett’s for being our last stop (And sometimes the third stop) on our Hottest ride!


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