Last night 8/21/2019 Muddy Mantra held an amazing glow yoga event at Blur nightclub. Melodie Lee lead the class through a flow with a mix that featured everything from 80s Madonna to Lizzo.

We know everyone isn’t the most flexible, and that not everyone can do every position. Yoga isn’t really about “being the best at stretching” and no one is in competition with one another. Recognize that your practice is personal, and that this event is really about enjoying yourself and having fun, no matter where you are in your practice.

50 Yogi’s from a wide range of skills and backgrounds got together and got their glow on. This isn’t a yoga class where anyone should be taking it all to seriously. We’re getting the lights going, getting a good workout, enjoying the music, having a drink and meeting new friends all in lovely downtown Dunedin, FL.

Even Clarence the Unicorn was in attendance. Whenever Clarence shows up, you know something’s goin’ down! Do you think a mythical creature would show up at just any yoga event?!?

I know what you’re saying, “How can I do glow yoga?!”

“Where is glow yoga happening?!”

“Where and when is the next glow yoga event happening in Dunedin?”

“Where can I meet new interesting people, who enjoy fun things, have similar interests, and chase a mythical Unicorn?” (Ok maybe not the last one)

Look no further, you can find out all about the next glow yoga event GLOW-O-WEEN ON OCTOBER 23rd 2019 @ Blur nightclub in Dunedin, FL.

More information will be posted soon but if you want to be ahead of the curve, you can get your tickets on Eventbrite.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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