Dunedin Causeway Beach Cleanup

Today, Muddy Mantra was proud to contribute to the community by sponsoring a beach cleanup on the Dunedin Causeway with the amazing people From the Salty Soul Foundation.



95 Amazing volunteers showed up and donated their time, sweat, and hard work to keep our beaches looking beautiful.

So we’d like to extend a warm heartfelt thanks to those of you who showed up.  You’re the reason the beach is beautiful today. 

You’re the reason 475 pounds of trash was taken off of the beautiful stretch of causeway, and properly disposed of.

We’d like to reach out and thank the lovely people at JMC Junk Removal

Who selflessly donated their time and hard work to haul away all 475 pounds of trash!

We Also would like to extend our thanks to Empower Adventures Tampa for participating and lending their hand to the clean up effort!

Together, we can all make our community an even better place to live.

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