Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-04-29 10:36:51

Day 29… 30 Day Core Challenge (April Abs)… Bridge! Start on back with knees bent, feet hip distance apart, engage core, lift pelvis up, engage glutes (option to clasp hands […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-01-05 12:28:28

Day 5… Muddy Mantra Yoga Challenge… Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)! Down Dog is said to be a resting pose even though some may disagree. The key to making […]

Plank-a-lot 2 (30 min)

IT’S BACK! Plank-a-lot Part 2! A Intermediate 30 min practice with a Ton of Planks and chaturangas! Enjoy