Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-02-19 23:54:46

Going down this weekend 🧘‍♀️🥂🙌 This weekend’s Lineup… join us in studio or via zoom! Saturday @ 10am – Twist & Toast (Melodie – Clear Sky) Sunday @ 9:30am – […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-02-18 23:00:45

Friday's Lineup… join us in studio or via zoom! 9am – High Vibe Flow (Kim D) 12pm – TGIF Yoga Flow (Kim D) 6pm – Aerial Flow (Melodie) #muddymantra […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-02-13 12:30:06

Day 13… Muddy Mantra Yoga Challenge… Wheel/Bridge Pose (Chakrasana) Start on back, place hands behind shoulders, finger pointing towards feet, engage core and lift body pressing pelvis up, keep shoulders […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-02-12 10:52:52

Day 12… Muddy Mantra Yoga Challenge… Camel Pose (Ustrasana) Start in table top, lift body up on knees, pelvis should remain above knees entire time, place hands (fingers down) on […]

Muddy Mantra Blog Update 2021-02-11 11:32:35

Day 11… Muddy Mantra Yoga Challenge… Fallen Triangle Pose (Patita Tarasana) Start in 3 legged dog with right leg, draw right knee to left elbow, extend right leg to left […]