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Monday @ 9:30am – Motivate and Move (April)

Join April for Motivate and Move!!! This will be a Vinyasa class with a pace that builds so you leave motivated to take on your day. Grab your spot on the Mindbody app (available both in studio and via Zoom)!

Monday @ 6pm – High Vibe Flow (Kim)  Category:  Power/Vinyasa

This flowy vinyasa yoga class will be packed with energetic vibrations and joy. Kim’s classes are fun, challenging and full of loving intentions. We will gracefully tip toe along the edges of your yoga practice while offering modifications for all body types so we can all access the magical effects of yoga. Each class is designed with creativity and purpose, in the effort to find balance in the mind body connection. Prepare to sweat a little, stretch and reset your nervous system to a position of balance.

Monday @ 7:15pm – HOLIDAY Hoop Transitions & Tricks (Melodie)

Get your Holiday Hoop on with the all levels Lyra class. We will have a specially decorated Candy Cane Hoop to practice on and take super cute holiday pics. Space is limited… grab your spot on Mindbody!

Tuesday @ 9:30am – Go With The Flow (Julie)

Join Julie Incremona Ludlow for our all new Hatha Flow! This fun class will strengthen and increase flexibility in the entire body while focusing on flowing in and out of poses using the breath. Experience the rejuvenating and uplifting effects of this class on the mind, body and spirit. This class is suitable for all levels. Available both in Studio or via Zoom!

Tuesday @ 6pm – Intro To Aerial (April)

Join April in an all levels Aerial Yoga sesh! This is great for both newbies and seasoned Aerial yogis. Space is limited… grab your spot on the Mindbody App (Drop-ins and class packs available). See you on the silks!
Tuesday @ 7:15pm – Sandbags N Savasana (April)

Join  April for this super relaxing sesh to wind down your week! This class is opens to all levels and we will use Sandbags throughout to deepen your practice. Space is limited… grab your spot while they last!

Wednesday @ 9:30am – Motivate and Move (April)
Wednesday @ 10:45 – Aerial Yoga (April)
Wednesday @ 6pm – Aerial Flips & Tricks (Melodie)
Wednesday @ 7:15pm – RBF (April)
Thursday @ 9:30am – Go With The Flow (Julie)
Thursday @ 6pm – Intro To Aerial (April)
Thursday @ 7:15pm – Sandbags N Savasana (April)
Friday @ 9:30am – High Vibe Flow (Kim)
Friday @ 6pm – Aerial Flow (Melodie)
Saturday @ 9am – Go With The Flow (Julie)
Saturday @ 10:30am – Aerial Flow (Julie)
Saturday @ 10am – Twist & Toast (Melodie-Clear Sky Draught Haus)
Sunday @ 9:30am – Go With The Flow (Julie)
Sunday @ 10:45am – Aerial Basics (Julie)
**Class size is Limited, grab your spots on the MINDBODY app while they last (Also available via zoom)**

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